Our Mission.
For : Recipients

  • Transforming your achievements into digital certificates. 

  • Digital certificates. Always Yours. Always with You. No recurring fees. Ever. 

  • Sharing your certs. Online validation. 

For : Issuers

  • Increase your enrollment, make your recipients your ambassadors. 

  • Increase your visibility and reputation. At NO cost. 

  • Meet current and future demands for online digital certificates: emails, social media, PDF, and mobile wallets. 

About Gutenberg Certs

Our story. 

Let’s start with the name and our inspiration! Johannes Gutenberg was a German publisher.  His introduction of the printing press around the year 1430 started the Printing Revolution - a milestone of the second millennium, in the modern period of human history.

This invention gradually made books less expensive to produce and more widely available. 

He started the Printing Revolution by printing books at a low cost. We are starting a new one: Printing Certs, and allowing you to own them, exactly like a book. 

That means no recurring costs, no monthly fees, no subscription services. We don’t like those, and - we are pretty sure - neither do you! We are all drained by monthly subscriptions. We are offering a product which does not do that. It is disruptive, like Gutenberg’s books.

We will do the DIGITAL certificates less expensive and we will help you have them with you. Always Yours. Always with You. 

We’ve made it happen by using open source software, from creation via blockchain, to storage via free mobile app, and sharing via links in social media platforms! 

Who we are.

We are entrepreneurs and business drivers,  interested in developing new ways to distribute certs, steering grass roots movements, engaging social media, and finding new means to grow the business! We love making things happen, and we always discover innovative ideas to move the business forward. 

We're also tech savvy! Experts in blockchain and modern technology, we cover a wide array of skills and technical expertise.  

Where we are.

439 University Avenue, 5th Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1Y8, Canada.