Gutenberg Certs helps you create and distribute digital, tamper-proof certificates.

We secure them with blockchain signatures. It is efficient and reliable. 


As a Credential Issuer, you initiate the process by creating a template for the tamper-proof credential. Using the newly created template, the Issuer sends credentials to their Recipients.


Within minutes the Recipients receive the credentials formatted to SHARE, PRINT, or VIEW on mobile devices. 


For Issuers: How it Works

Issuer Pricing:

  •   FREE First 5 Certs.

  •   Chose from 3 plans 

  •   0 $ Setup Fees. 

Issuer Advantages:

  • Instant Credibility.

  • Increased Enrollment.

  • Verifiable Online, Anytime.

  • Recipient Consent-Sharing.

  • Revocable Certs.

Issuers: Create
Recipients: Receive 

Issuers create the template and send the certificates to their recipients.  

Recipients receive the newly created tamper-proof certificate. 

Recipients: Share

Recipients view, print and share the certificate on social media platforms.

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