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Certificates for Summer Courses

Reward your students with
sharable digital certificates

Create tamperproof digital certificates for all your summer courses! 

Issue secure and tamperproof digital certificates powered by Blockchain technology in minutes! 

Collect your course attendance from

  • Zoom 

  • Webex 

  • Excel Files

The Flow

Send certificates at the end of your summer courses! 

Complete Your Summer Courses

Load Your


Issue Sharable

Digital Certificates


Complete your online,

in-person or hybrid summer courses


Load the student names and emails directly from Zoom, Webex or Excel


Issue tamperproof digital certificates. Sharable on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. 

Generate Revenue from Courses

Hosting a free webinar or course and looking to monetize your efforts?


Generate extra revenue by offering your attendees the option of purchasing your digital certificate for your webinar or course. 

Flexible.Customizable. Secure.

Gutenberg Certs allows you to create and send digital certificates

Create your own: 

  • Certificate of Attendance

  • Certificate of Achievement

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Certificate of Skill Acquisition

Configure your own:

  • Design your own layout

  • Available in multiple languages

  • Mobile device compatible

  • Instantly verifiable and revokable

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