Gutenberg Certs Zoom Integration

Automated Digital Certificates for Meeting & Webinar Participants
By Gutenberg Certs Corp
Works with: Zoom Meetings, Zoom Webinars


Create Digital Certificates at the completion of meetings and webinars.  The Gutenberg Certs application allows meetings organizers to easily create digital certificates at the completion of a meeting - Certificates of Attendance, Certificates of Completion, Certificates of Accomplishments and many more.  The Digital Certificates are secured in blockchain and they are shareable, verifiable and tamper-proof.

 The Process is Simple

Gutenberg Certs has integrated with Zoom to allow meeting or webinar hosts to easily create and send digital certificates for the attendees.

The process is simple, and it starts after installing Digital Certificates application in the Zoom App Marketplace, a one-time process.

  1. Create your account by selecting the desired Plan.

  2. Schedule a meeting/webinar in Zoom.

  3. After the Zoom event, login into your account select My Meetings, select your meeting,  then select one of your existing templates or create a new one.

  4. Recipients list will be pre-populated with all the attendees to your meeting/webinar. Adjust list if required.

  5. Click "Send Certs Now" to send digital certificates to the meeting participant.

  6. Participants will receive an email containing their digital certificate.


Keep in mind: 

  • Participants can share the certificates on  LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or load them in Apple Wallet. 

  • If you'd like to receive an email reminder for your certificates after the Zoom meeting, just invite email to the meeting (To:, Cc: or Bcc: ). Don't reply to this email, as this email is just used for servers to trigger reminders, and is not used for any correspondence, nor actual meeting.

Frequently asked questions


1. Zoom Account (payable) 2. Gutenberg Certs Account

Installing Gutenberg Certs from Zoom Marketplace

Login to your Zoom account and navigate to Zoom Marketplace Search for the Digital Certificates app from Gutenberg Certs and select the app, or go directly to the pug-in by clicking the Zoom Marketplace link. Click "Install" to give the Digital Certificates app read-only access to your user, meeting/webinar and report data - required to create the digital certificates and send to the meeting/webinar attendees Once the application is installed you will be redirected to the Gutenberg Certs website

Using Gutenberg Certs app with Zoom

Schedule your Zoom meeting or webinar Optional: invite "" to the meeting/webinar. This will ensure you receive an email at the end of the meeting containing a direct link to Gutenbergcerts website to start the certificate issue process. If this step is skipped, you can still issue certificates to your attendees by visiting Gutenbergcerts site, logging in and selecting the "My Meetings" menu. At the end of the meeting, when you wish to issue certificates to your attendees: Click on the "Generate certificates" link in the email, to go to Gutenbergcerts site and send certificates. On the "My Templates" page select an existing template or create a new template for your certificates, then proceed to "Issue Certs" Review/update the attendee list. On this page you can modify attendees names/email addresses, add new recipients and delete recipients from the list, if needed Send the certificates to your attendees by clicking the "Send Certs Now". Attendees will receive an email containing their digital certificate, which can be shared on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

Uninstalling Gutenberg Certs from Zoom Marketplace

Log in to your Zoom account and ​navigate to the Zoom Marketplace Click Manage -> Installed Apps or search for the Digital Certificates app. Click the Digital Certificates app. Click Uninstall.

VIDEO - Installing Gutenberg Certs from Zoom Marketplace

Follow step by step video instructions to integrate Gutenberg Certs with Zoom here, or on YouTube. Pause as needed, get it just right on your first try!

VIDEO - Create Certificates and Send to Recipients

Follow step by step video instructions to create Gutenberg Certs and distribute them to Zoom Meeting or Webinar participants. Follow here or on YouTube.