Frequently Asked Questions

How do I automatically send Certificates of Attendance at the end of Zoom meetings and webinars?

In order to have the system automatically send certificates of attendance at the end of a meeting or webinar the following pre-requisites are required: - The checkbox "Enable automated Certificates of Attendance" needs to be checked (in the Manage Account screen) - A template needs to be created having this template name: Certificate of Attendance - Auto - The description of the meeting/webinar needs to contain the word certificate (or certificates). If all these 3 conditions are met, then at the end of the meeting/webinar all recipients will automatically receive a certifiicate of attendance.

Can I use my own custom Microsoft Word Templates?

To upload your own custom Microsoft Word Template select the last option (Microsoft Word Certifiicate) in the Style drop down when createing a new template.

To download and modify some of our samples, from the Dashboard go to Manage Templates, then click View Sample Word Templates

Can I charge my meeting/webinar attendees for their certificates?

Can I customize the Emails sent to Recipients?

To customize the emails sent to the recipients, from the Dashboard go to Manage Templates, then click on the Edit Email Template icon for the template you want to modify:

The email editor will be displayed where you can edit the email subject, and the beginning and end of the email message:

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