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Zero Risk, Infinite Reward

Generate revenue from your courses, webinars or events


Hosting a free course or webinar and looking to monetize your efforts? Generate extra revenue by offering your attendees the option of purchasing your digital certificate for your online or offline courser or event  

Here's how to sell your digital certificates:

1. If using Zoom (optional): Install  our Zoom plugin and run your Zoom webinar, otherwise just create an account.  

2. Select a Plan, then enable payments to your account (on Manage Account page). 

3. Create a template and select a certificate price.

4. Issue certificates to your attendee list. 

5. Receive your proceeds at the end of each month through Stripe.


How can my recipients purchase a certificate?

1. After your event, your attendees can view their certificate in their recipient dashboard and choose to purchase it for the price of your choosing.

2. After purchase using our payment facilitator Stripe, recipients will have access to the certificate they purchased.

Or contact a Gutenberg Certs representative to get started! 

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