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Limited Time Promotion:
Get your money back !

We're making a time-limited offer to our first 20 customers ONLY!*

How it works: 

1. You subscribe with USD 2,999 - the initial amount.

2. Use the Enterprise Plan with a boost of up to 10,000 recipients / month. 

3. Enjoy the service while the initial amount is paid. 

4. Whenever you cancel the service - and we hope to be together for a long time - we will give your money back. 

5. A cancelation fee of 10 % will be levied from the initial amount  (USD 299) whenever you cancel. Receive 90 % back. Reimbursement will occur after a minimum of 4 months from the date of subscription. 

* We will pay you back via Stripe, the same way you're going to pay us, and the cancellation fee covers all transaction fees. 

** If you have not claimed your money back in 2 (two) years, we will contact you in order to issue the refund or we will renew your membership based on the current offering.  

Try it out for free for up to 10 certificates/month.  NO credit card required.

All users are enrolled upon sign-up by default in the Starter Package (Free Trial).

Need a customized solution or pricing? Need multiple accounts? 

Rebate Program
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