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Solutions: 3 Examples

Doctor and Patient


Grand rounds and hospital based educational rounds are an integral part of hospital life. There are many well documented advantages to holding educational events virtually including higher attendance, overwhelmingly positive feedback, economic advantage, and an opportunity for collaboration. 


The transformation to an on-line platform introduces opportunities to simplify the recording of attendance and the issuance of proof of attendance in order to document attendance and provide proof for CME credits.


Continuing Professional Development: Gutenberg Certs allows Law Societies, accredited providers of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) events, lawyers and paralegals to track and provide ironclad proof of CPD hours and evidence of compliance with annual requirements.


The Practice of Law: Keep exact track of client interactions and timestamp communication to maintain record keeping and accounting for billing purposes.  Maintain client trust and ensure transparency in the record keeping of lawyer-client remote encounters while at the same time creating an audit trail.

Smiling Lawyer in Lobby
Charity Drive

Professional Associations & Non-Profit Organizations 

Eliminate the risk of fraud and protect the credibility of your professional association or regulatory body with block-chain powered, instantaneously verifiable and digital shareable proof of credentials.  Link these credentials to required CPD hours.

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