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Webex Integration

Issue certificates at the end of your Webex Events

Authenticate to Webex and integrate with Gutenberg Certs:

Setup Steps:

First Time Webex Login: The first time the app is installed you will need to enter your Webex credentials in the Webex login panel provided.


1. Login to your Webex account. If you do not have a Webex account navigate here to sign up.


2. Approve Webex permissions. After logging in you will be asked to allow Gutenberg Certs to access required Webex data.

Once access is granted you will be redirected to the Gutenberg Certs page.


In order to view your Webex events in Gutenberg Certs you will need to sign up with the same email address in both apps.

Uninstalling the App: If you chose to uninstall the application please log in to your Gutenberg Certs account and click "Uninstall Webex Integration" under "Manage Account".

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