Create and Send Digital Certificates

Our app lets you create verifiable blockchain certificates quickly and easily.

Gutenberg Certs Digital Certificate for a Webinar

Digital Certificates. Always Yours. Always with You

Gutenberg Certs makes verifiable, tamper-proof certificates - in blockchain - for anyone who needs to document the completion of a task by providing tangible proof in the form of a certificate.

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We implement blockchain security to create tamper-proof certificates

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Can be used by instructors, managers, supervisors, program directors, and more

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Zoom integration

Our Zoom plug-in option allows for easy integration with Zoom meetings

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Conserve paper and trees by issuing paper-free digital certificates

A Flexible Solution

Gutenberg Certs can create all type of digital credentials such as:

  • Certificates of Attendance

  • Certificates of Achievement

  • Certificates of Completion

  • Diplomas

  • Leadership Awards

  • Membership Certificates

  • Training Program Certifications

  • And more

A Digital Certificate of Acheivement by Gutenberg Certs
Zoom call on an Macbook using Gutenberg Certs

Zoom Plug-In 

Gutenberg Certs works directly with your Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars.

Create instant digital certificates at the completion of meetings and webinars.  


Certificates are shareable, verifiable, and tamper-proof.


Our plug-in saves you time by automatically importing your Zoom list of attendees and time attended, and by sending digital certificates to the participants.

Plug-in available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Portuguese. Free Plan option. 


How it Works

Create certificates instantly, send them to recipients in minutes.




Create a template

We have a large number of templates to choose from, in different styles and for various applications.  Choose the template that works best for you.

Upload recipients

Add your recipients. And remember, if you are using Zoom with our app, your Zoom participants are added in one easy step!

Send to recipients

Here is where you send your certificates to the appropriate recipients.

Generate Revenue from Webinars and Events

Hosting a free webinar and looking to monetize your efforts?


Generate extra revenue by offering your attendees the option of purchasing your digital certificate for your Zoom webinar or event. 


Elevate Your Brand

Increase your enrollment, visibility, and reputation.

Make your recipients your ambassadors.


  • Increase your enrollment, make your recipients your ambassadors.

  • Meet current and future demands for online digital certificates: emails, social media, PDF, and mobile wallets.

  • Grow your visibility and reputation.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

We needed an efficient way to generate Continuing Education (CE) Certificates at the end of our Zoom Webinars. Gutenberg Certs provided an instant integration with the Zoom platform, feeding all the attendee's data directly in our own, branded, certificates. 

We realized that it was the right solution for us when we’ve been able to filter the attendees by the minimum number of minutes spent in the webinar. We wanted to make sure that our certificate recipients would spend the minimum time required to be eligible for a certificate. Well done!


Megan  – MD, Continuing Education Director, Health Care Institution

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